Green Filter on Airbnb search

Dear Fellow Hosts!
A colleague of mine and airbnb guest, asked me if there is interest in having a green filter on Airbnb, so guests can find places to stay that offer things like solar power, green linens and towels and composting, along with cleaning products and other green lifestyle choices. This is one way to offer guests the opportunity to try something new. We would like to know if this idea resonates with hosts! To learn more and sign a letter of support, go to this website: Thank you!

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I like the concept but while my listing’s HVAC is energy efficient but far from GREEN so I wouldn’t appear in the search.

It wouldn’t help me so in the spirit of self-centered-ness, it is a “no” from me.

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Believe me, both hosts and guests have asked Airbnb for something like this for years. It falls on deaf ears, just like requests for a filter for allergy-free, for a place to add a pet fee, for there to be a real security deposit, etc. etc.

I have a hard time believing that 70% of global travelers would be more likely to book a place that listed as being “green”, as stated in that letter of support. Judging from the percentage of guests who just throw their plastic bottles in the garbage. How did they come up with those figures?

And what would qualify? I recycle, compost, don’t use things like dryer sheets or fabric softener or heavily scented products, use cotton sheets and towels, refill soap containers from bulk products, but I don’t have solar electric and use regular laundry soap and cleaning solution.


BDC ahead of the game here I think, they’re looking to roll out a “sustainable hospitality” scheme, with badging on listings and the possibility of additional related filters.


Thank you for your response. What is BDC?

Booking dot com

We like acronyms…

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Green covers so much that I think it would be difficult to set the definition for Airbnb and monitor the accuracy on the part of hosts in any way. My household is far from perfect when it comes to being green. However, I have had many times when I wished that guests were more environmentally conscious. Many ignore recycling bins, leave windows open with heat or air on, etc.

Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Christine! I will forward this thread to my friend as an aid to support her work. We are part of a group of Women CEOs who are building sustainable and generative policies and action plans across multiple industries and around the world. Please know that your shared perspective creates positive ripples in the world!

Why do you feel signing a letter on your website would make Airbnb add a green filter to their search function @Ottersmom

If feels more like the site has been set up to capture host information for your friend’s business.

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@Helsi She is trying to make it easier for guests to live their sustainable and generative values when they are on vacation and to create an opportunity for people to intentionally choose to discover a greener vacation experience. Indeed, she earns money by helping Airbnbs become green. I believe in this mission. Any host with common interests is welcome to participate. Anyone who is not interested does not have to. As a B-Corp, she is transparent in all communications and does not share mailing lists. She also makes it easy to be removed from any list that she might use.

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Thanks for replying but that didn’t answer my question which was 'why would a letter from a company selling green products make Airbnb introduce a ‘green’ filter on its website ? @Ottersmom

Implying any host who doesn’t feel this company’s letter would be an effective route isn’t interested in green issues is rather ill considered .

I use eco cleaning products throughout my home, gave up having a car four years ago, buy 90% of my food and other household shopping locally, recycle tin, glass, cardboard, paper, textiles, batteries , plastics, food waste, buy Fairtrade coffee, sugar, fruit and chocolate , buy fruit and veg loose, buy wine and milk by filling up reusable containers, use low energy light bulbs, grow my own herbs and some veg, use green energy etc

How many people including you and your friend can say that?

I wouldn’t sign your friends letter because

a) I don’t think Airbnb would and should listen to a third party company wanting to promote the products it sells

B. Your friend is collecting my contact details and has no data protection clause so could use my details for her own marketing

C. Your friends examples of what it means to be green focuses on hosts having the sort of products she sells rather than making major lifestyle changes such as not having a car, buying food without packaging locally etc


I think there are a significant number of travelers who would opt for “green” stays. Just another selling point for the climate conscious. I like it.

About 80% of people say they are ‘green’ or support ‘green’, about 25% are actually green if nobody is looking.

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My stand alone house is listed as 100% solar powered with almost zero carbon footprint ( I have a propane stove). Not one guest has mentioned it or indicated it was a draw. Green is apparently over rated as a big plus for guests.


I think it depends where you live . In the UK green issues are high up on the agenda and my guests often remark on my eco products, recycling opportunities etc