Great video of my neighborhood --- any way to link it on my listing?

One of our local photographer was having fun with his new 4K Mavic video drone last September, and did a flyby of my neighborhood. Camera turns on to my street (with cemetery behind) at 2:45, flies over the house at 3:51-3:56.

Is there a way to link to this YouTube video on my Air listing? If not, I might try to talk him into doing an excerpt that highlights the house during the flyover. Although photography is no longer his full time gig (he’s now a school teacher) I’m sure he’d like to get paid. Do you think it would be worth it to have him shoot a short custom video that flies by at a lower altitude and then highlights the 10 minute walking route to downtown, which is quite scenic even from the hillside sidewalks?

Maybe now you can see why I like living here… :wink:

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You can’t include video’s on Airbnb so it depends what you want to achieve and the cost ?

If you want to use it to promote your listings and you have other channels you use then maybe.

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You can put the You Tube link on your listing under “about the neighborhood” or share it with guests when you send them their thank you for your booking message.


If you are going to find a way to use it, I would change the soundtrack. I found it quite incongruous. The music that it starts with sounds morose and ominous. I would use something more upbeat, or even a soundtrack of nature sounds- sea birds, ocean waves, etc.

Yes, you live in a beautiful place. But the vid is far too long. I’d edit it to cut the time in half.

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Cool. Rossini’s William Tell Overture

Yeah, he’s a photographer, not a musician. :wink: I didn’t have the sound on when I was watching it, but one of his other videos has the same kind of music.

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