Great service from AIRBNB!

Hi All,

I have just had a check out of a young girl who clearly had a party and damaged my wooden floor… She said she wasn’t breaking the law as there were less then 25 people in my house. Apart from the damage, as far as Im concerned, she put my cleaner/host a Mother of 2 at risk during these times… When I told her the neighbours complain to me… she told me that was hostile and #BLM !!.. So the good news is Airbnb read these messaged and paid the damages within 30 Mins… #Lovehostingon Airbnb !!


Wow, that’s incredible. You must be a top priority host for Air. How much are we talking about in damages? Three figures? Four figures? Air might have a policy that below a certain figure it’s just easier to pay up rather than waste staff time in resolution. Well done!


Did they require an estimate for repairs or were the photos enough to receive compensation?

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Hi, It was £200.00 paid straight away.

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I sent photo’s of the damage and was given a verbal estimate by a builder.

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I think they read the conversation on line, from bewteen the client and myself. She was very contradictory … she claimed 25 people was NOT a party and that fact that my neighbours complained made them racist ! stating #BLM !


That’s great news! I think you benefited from Airbnb’s anti-party house stance, as the guest basically made an admission with the “25 people allowed” claim. I assume guest was referring to COVID-19 gathering limits, and that you had a much lower limit in your house rules.
Shame on guest for co-opting BLM movement for their own selfish purposes!


That is my first time hearing AirBnB respond in such a quick manner! Glad you are having a great hosting journey


I see thanks for the insight ! Yes re BLM! … I wanted to say Myhousematters and so do my neighbours…He is a Church Minister too ! Ha Ha !

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Hey Cedi, This is a second experience for me … I had a family cause damage and wreck a sofa and again they paid me on the same day… this was just over 18months ago.


I am happy for you! I’ve never been in a such open case but a friend of mine was unfairly treated by an AirBnB personne

You are kidding right? Last lousy over the top out of control guests set fire to my sauna bath (it did not turn itself on as it is manual control) trashed and got off Scot free. Airb&b? Walked away after leading me down the path of being responsible. NOT. Try over $150,000.00 in damages. Run as fast as you can because you are going to be hung out in the wind to dry.

I’ve been on airbnb for 10 years since it first started. Customer service was awesome when I had a superhost badge for most of that time, but it’s been abysmal at best for the past 3 years or so - since it seems I now get outsourced people reading scripts (and I lost my badge due to retaliation reviews after damage, that they refuse to remove or escalate) . Anyway, I had a similar damage experience recently and also was paid promptly, depends on the roulette wheel of who you get.

And forgive me for semi-jacking this thread, but this is my first comment here and I cannot figure out how to post a new thread ◉_◉ is this restricted until I comment for awhile? Tried to find the answer in FAQ and etc…if anyone is bored and wants to message me about that I would appreciate that, sorry Sarah :slight_smile:

Yes, we restrict starting a new thread because many folks join just to promote a product or troll the forum. They are one or two and done. We also encourage people to read a bit first. Often we answer the same question over and over or rehash old topics again and again.

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Thank you. I moderated a forum for a bestselling author in the past, I understand & I will behave :slight_smile:


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Ten years. Wow, you are old school. Tell us more: how has the increased competition affected your rates? Did you rates increase and if so, by how much? Any shift in guests that you have observed? Who was using AirBnB ten yeas ago?