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Great sale at JCP.com right now

For anyone interested, there is a great sale on home goods right now on JCP.com (JC Penny) and there is a coupon for up to 25% off.


I use the Royal Velvet towels and the are super soft and absorbent. If you spend $100 on jcp.com, there is a 25% off coupon you can apply - I ended up getting a set of 6 towels for about $25. Amazing deal - they are usually $88. The only downside of these towels is that they can be stained by guests using benzoyl peroxide (but that is true of many towels).

The quick dry towels have also been recommended by some on this board and they are also priced very well. Both of these styles are still in stock with white.


Great to know; thanks!

Don’t shop at JCP without using ebates first! By the way, that’s my referral link so I’ll get $$ if you sign up. I have 15 places, so I’m not a normal shopper, but I made $1,513 in 2016 and it really only took an extra click before making most online purchases. Stack those coupons, baby!

I use those towels, they are great. I buy a lot at JCP, I’ve been very happy with their quality. I also buy the JCP mattress pads, usually I buy new ones on Black Friday for changing the mattress pads in January when we do a deeper clean and maintenance on our places.

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