Great property, no bookings

So we have a nice spacious 3000sq.m property in the Philippines. Home has lots to offer. However, I put it up beginning of July and only had 1 person request for pre-approval and only 5 people that ‘saved it on their wishlist’… It IS in a small town but only about 30 mins from tourist spots. Anyways, my question is, how long did it take for you guys to have a decent amount of bookings from when you posted your listing? I just find it a little bit discouraging that lots of people are viewing my listing but no one’s booking…

Your house from the description sounds isolated and remote. You state you need a car to get there, you don’t mention shops, restaurants or anything close by. You don’t mention what may be in the area for a guest to enjoy.
What are the good things about the area?

It is… not really isolated but a small town where there’s really not much to do. I mentioned ‘Tagaytay’ in my post, which is the closest city that’s a great tourist spot… but yeah, unfortunately, nothing super close to the house… We do offer transportation at a rate w/ personal driver tho…

The photos are much better than before, you’ve done a great job there.

How is your price in relation to other houses in the area? Maybe you need to make it super cheap to get a few reviews, its always hard being the first guest, but if the price is right, people will come.

I would make the opening paragraph all about how amazing the house and gardens are if there isnt much to do in the area. Make the house sound enchanting with its big beautiful gardens and unique decor.

Also - I would try having the beautiful garden as your display photo :slight_smile:

I would suggest checking all of the following:

Airbnb SEO.
Does a listing appear on first 2 pages? If not, then you need to improve your ranking. For this purpose update prices several times a day, respond quickly to guests’ messages.

Airbnb pricing.
Check the prices of your neighbors, see if your pricing is corresponding to amenities offered and location (looks like location is not a plus in your case)

I am not sure if you need to mention “30min fr Tagaytay” in the headline. Maybe you can think of more attractive headline here. In the description, you can make a bulleted list of the pros of your location. Also, if you have a transportation, definitely mention it in the description. At the moment I see only outside pictures. Try adding some pictures of rooms too.

Once you start getting bookings, you need to get reviews from guests for sure. Ask them to review the property and do review them as well.

Hope that things will go better soon. :slight_smile:

P.S. By the way, for more tips on Airbnb hosting you can visit our AirGMS blog.

Hi @sarahjdiaz

Thanks for sharing your listing.

A few ideas

I think it would work better with well lit photos. Make sure the first one is of the property rather than the garden. If you have a friend who is a keen amateur. Ask them to take them. Include photos of local attractions.

I would give some details of the local area. Can you walk to shops/a bar in the small town.
Which attractions is it near?

Highlight that you can offer a personal driver at an extra cost.

Your price looks supercheap. I won’t go much cheaper than your competitors or people will think ‘it’s too good to be true’.

Speak to your local tourist office. Make sure you are listed through them and networked in with local attractions and anyone else who could send you visitors such as universities etc.