Great guests still exist

As we read so many stories about scammy, refund-seeking guests, I thought I’d share my latest experience.

Had a guest who had booked 16 nights, and was supposed to arrive last Monday. But her flight got cancelled so she arrived on Tuesday. She asked if I’d like her to cancel that first night and add another at the end “so you’ll still get paid the same”. I told her no need. And because she had a 16 night booking and had been so respectful, after she arrived, I offered to refund her the first night she missed. She said no, it was fine.

Then 2 days ago, she found out some online friends she has been interacting with for a long time are staying in the city an hour from here, and they invited her to come stay, as it’s big enough for all of them.

As she decided to have this vacation open to whatever nice unexpected opportunities might arise, she decided to take them up on it. So she left yesterday, and said there was no way she wanted a refund for the remaining 8 nights, that she had loved staying here (we got along great, had many interesting convos, and said she found my place perfect for getting some writing done), and said she believes in paying it forward.

I thanked her and said if she ever wants to come back, I’ll give her a free week.


Wow 16 nights in beautiful, relaxing Sayulita! Jealous! I hope that her decision to leave was good for her. She sounds like a great human.


True! I will never forget the guests who - after I had people grinding a stump outside their window at 7:30 AM - assured me that it was fine, because the boyfriend was fascinated by stump grinders. It was a total mess-up on my part, but they were gracious enough to (presumably) make something up to make ME feel better.


It’s heartening to hear about such honest and flexible guests. Makes it all worthwhile! Hope she had an amazing trip.

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