Great guests but self checked in at 11:30 when check in was at 13:00

My listed check in time is 16:00. When the apartment is ready I always allow guests to check in early. I communicated with my guests they could check in at 13:00. I was very cross to see them let themselves in at 11:30 through my security camera while I was at work. Then they sent me a message at 13:00 to let me know they arrived presumably thinking I wouldn’t know!

I didn’t mention anything to them during their stay as in reality this didn’t impact me at all as the place was ready from the night before. Also they were great guests overall. They broke the shower head (small issue) and this time they let me know and left money for it as compensation.

Now its time to write a review for them. Would you mention this publicly or just write it in the guest feedback?
I was going to remove one star for Observance of house rules then maybe write:

They self checked in independently albeit earlier than I communicated.

In private feedback I was going to write:
"I ask you to please communicate and respect check-in times for future bookings, these are very important for hosts to have the place ready for you. "

Your views :slight_smile:

I think it would have been best to speak to the guests directly about their abuse of your kind offer to allow a 13:00 early check-in. It was sneaky of them to message you at 13:00 to announce their arrival, when in fact they’d already been there for an hour and a half.

Yucky stuff that took planning on their part to remember to message you at 13:00.

I would certainly call them out in your public review. What you’ve planned to write could be a little clearer. Maybe this? –
The security camera showed the guests entered the accommodation 1 1/2 hours prior to the agreed upon self check-in time.

In the private feedback I’d omit the part about needing to have the place ready. It’s unnecessary to explain the reason for honesty, respect and adherence to check-in rules.


I had a guest turn up at 10.30 this am when check in is 1pm. I was still doing the laundry and yet to make beds so I asked if they would make them so I didn’t disturb them. He was more than happy with that. As they were a late booking for a week in mid winter which will pay for some unexpected car repairs I am happy to oblige. This time.


I think thumbs down for someone you can’t trust. Make it clear in the review they checked in an hour and a half earlier than agreed without asking. In addition they messaged you to say they had arrived at the agreed time but your camera evidenced otherwise. I hate liars.

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I would mention it for hosts for whom this is critically important. I’ve said things like “xx checked out 30 minutes late. This wasn’t an issue for me but might be for another host.” I feel that kind of covers why I didn’t say anything to them prior to the review.

The clear lying about it disturbs me. If they had messaged at 11:30 saying “We got here early and went ahead and let ourselves in, hope that’s ok,” that would be different. I’d still be annoyed but it would show innocence on their part.

BTW, after I had someone show up at noon when check in was 3pm I started delaying sending the info on checking in until the afternoon of arrival day. I know for some guests they need to have the info in advance as they will have limited cell phone or internet but at my rental it works.


I would maybe mention it, but also perhaps say it was not an issue in this instance. I wouldn’t want to come across too over the top.

Did they ask for an early check in or did you offer it? If the apartment was ready why didn’t you just ask them what time they wanted to check in?
I would just let this go and not mention it in your review.

What would have happened in case the guest checking out would have still been there? I would find a diplomatic way to mention it: I also think this is NOT done.

I probably wouldn’t call it out as most guests will rather go with a non-shaming host, unless they were really bad guests. A lot of guests are repeat stays.

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Reviews are for other hosts not guests.


I have also had this happen a few times. The latest, they asked for an early check in and I said it wasn’t possible. The cleaner went around to prepare the last minute touches at 11am, 4 hours before check in and they had checked in!!

I definitely mentioned it in the review (especially as they left an appalling mess). It probably goes to reason that someone who thinks they can do this is also not respectful of the home.

I have a phrase I borrowed from someone else on this forum: blah had trouble respecting the check in/out time or if they are good in every other way: blah needs assistance with check/in check out times.


Many guests are completely clueless about the importance of check-in/out times. Since co-hosting an entire property, I have been amazed at the number of people who, despite knowing that they have booked a one-off stand-alone property, seem to think we can still operate like a hotel and check them in early. Or they imagine that they are the only guests travelling to the property this year and we have been waiting for them, and only them, for months on end.

At this particular property, the check-in is from 3pm and check-out at 11am. Pretty standard. Yesterday I had a request to check-out at 2pm, their rationale being… wait for it… “We did not arrive at the property until 9pm”. :roll_eyes: :tired_face: