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Great experience = happy guests: tips from Chip Conley

I recently asked Chip Conley, Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy for Airbnb, about how to delight your guests.
“Create a memory that is perfect for that particular guest”, Chip explains in this exclusive video:

“The host did a little research on me. He knew I was a hotelier, and he read a quote where I said that the thing I missed most about Airbnb was Room Service”.

“The first thing he did when I arrived was gave me a list of restaurants and told me where I can get food in the local area.”

Chip still remembers the local advice shared by his host - but how many of your guests are saying the same?

Pearlshare is a free app for iPhone and iPad that makes sharing places with your guests quick and simple. Save all your favorite places – restaurants, bars, places to get breakfast – and all the details your guests will need to find and book are shared in just a few taps.

It’s easy to transform your guest’s stay using a Pearlshare Collection:

  • Download the free app and create an account
  • Ask your guest a bit about their stay - What kind of food do they like? Are they travelling for business of pleasure?
  • Find & add some nearby places to a Pearlshare Collection, tailored to their stay
  • Send them their personalised Collection and let them know that you hand-picked some places for them to try

Help them to belong anywhere! Send them a personalised Pearlshare Collection.

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