Granite vs Quartz: Which one should I choose for my new kitchen?

I’m more tempted to choose quartz countertops because for my eye they look better but some people told me that granite countertops are more resistant. Can you help me decide which one should I purchase?


Quartz looks somewhat 2010 and does not stand the heat. Granite looks 1990s (unless it’s Absolute black). You may want to have a look at Dekton or one of those ceramic slabs (Laminam, TheSize…).

That being said, a good, matte laminate is nice enough for a rental in most markets in my opinion, you can easily change it to follow trends or if ever it is damaged. I think money is better spent in the bathroom than in the kitchen in vacation rentals. Or in cool looking appliances. The guest who arrived today in my rental hugged my SMEG fridge, literally.

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Granite is harder and chips less easily than quartz despite the hype. I have Caesarstone counters and they have several chips. As a designer, I tend to spec soapstone, light colored granites (never the cheap looking precut slabs from China) and marble. For a vacation rental, I’d stick with granite.

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Thank you both! I have the same feeling as you @1chicretreat. I believe granite is the right choice for a vacation rental.

From how I have designed my new kitchen (which is very small BTW) seems that light countertops should be the right choice but the thing with granite is that it tends to look better in darker colors. However I have found lovely Silestone countertops in light colors but if it will leave me horrible spots when hetas touchs it then I will stick with granite.

I use a concrete quartz, dark grey, for my rental. It was recommended at the dealer, is quite durable.

I am always surprised how people in the US spend a good chunk of money on stone countertops, but buy coil/electric ranges ! Europeans do the opposite with laminate counters but induction cooktops.

Ha, this Brit in the USA has an induction cooktop and laminate counters in her own apartment :slight_smile:

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Hi @Monica,

I have a granite countertop in my room here. And the door and window frames in my rental are also made of granite. I like granite.

I think granite is generally a good choice for a kitchen countertop, because it’s more resistant to damage caused by spills and is generally durable. It also looks good. Just my 2 currency units.

We actually have laminate countertops in our kitchen. These also wear well (much less chipping than one would expect) but looks far less cool. However, if you have random strangers coming into your kitchen, I would go with a more defensive option.

There are also tons of articles and discussion on the Net about this kind of thing.

What about Neolith? Have any of you use it? it has very good comments on the web and it looks nice.
Cons and Pros?

Neolith is one of these ceramic slabs I mentioned in my first message. They have no real con I can think of, though they may chip on the edges like any solid material, and you may have trouble finding a skilled fabricator, depending on your location.