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Government-Issued ID?

Just saw that my ‘requirements’ for instant book now contain this option:

Guests who meet Airbnb’s requirements, and also have:
Provided a government-issued ID
Recommendation from other hosts

Gov ID? Should I require it?

I was hoping that the star rating of guests would factor in here, but perhaps this is another ‘test’ idea from Airbnb?

I just checked out and I don’t have this new option, I wish I would! I was surprised to learn that everyone can have a verified account based on LinkedIn, a website or Facebook - I thought you should have to provide an ID card to airbnb before being verified.

Airbnb could be testing, but I think they are possibly forward looking in, including measures to reinforce all dimensions of efficient management in the future. In my area we have a new law that regulates hosting + homesharing. According to it, hosts must ask guests the ID card and report it to the police before 48h. It is weird to requiere them the ID or passport when they are not used to being asked. If Airbnb collects these, such tasks could be on them in the future, like collecting taxes. They can automatize this task using technology, we can’t! And they would be providing a better service and experience than their competitors.

It seems like they are experimenting with different options in different markets. Requiring such an ID would at least help prove this person is not starting new accounts after every bad review.


Not here in the UK either

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