Got an issue? Just forget any help from Airbnb Customer Service

The Airbnb customer service is very helpful when it comes to solving standard issues like guest reallocation’s and booking issues. But if you have an issue not in Airbnb’s interest to solve, you can just forget to receive any help.

I recently contacted Airbnb regarding a payout issue. I’ve multiple times received too little money from Airbnb, but Airbnb has still not gotten back to me as promised. I also had an issue with my calendar almost 7 months ago, causing several double bookings and a lot of trouble. I called and called and emailed and emailed, but I always got the same standardized answer:

“Dear Jan, We completely understand your concerns. Thank you for your feedback with this. We will be sure to pass this along to the appropriate team. Take care!”

And 7 months later, the “appropriate team” has still not lifted a finger despite several reminders.

Clearly, if it’s not in Airbnb’s interest to solve the issue, they just put the case in the drawer and ignore you.

And why can’t they just be honest and say “Dear Jan, we have no interest in helping you, please don’t contact us regarding this issue again” instead of these meaningless auto-repeat-trying-to-be-friendly phrases. That’s just frustrating and it pisses me off.

Here is another thread showing how ignorant Airbnb is to people’s complaints:

Bloody hell, one quick look at that FB thread is enough to make one red with shame for Airbnb. What is wrong with them?? I’m just guessing that such platforms are relying more and more on algorithms and data-mining so you, as an individual, are no longer allowed to search for what you want. The Algorithm Will Do It For You. Feels v Orwellian.


Indeed. And I miss the old times when Airbnb actually tried to help you and took care of their hosts and guests. Now you’re just one in a million for them.

Here you go again, old thread same link