Got a booking, but not sure I wanted it!

We have a maximum length of stay set to fourteen days, this is across all OTA’s, Airbnb, BDC and VRBO; or so I thought!

Turns out that BDC ignore the maximum stay figure from channel managers, if you want to impose a maximum stay figure you have to contact BDC and they set it at their end.

How do I know this? After a few good days on the booking front, OH and I decided to go for a sociable wee wander around our local tabancos, and at about 10:30pm the work phone pinged. Great, it’s another booking!

Only one problem, this new booking is for a complete month, essentially the whole of August.

We don’t do long bookings, I get irritated with guests once they’ve been here for much more then five or six days. My OH is of a similar mind.

That said, with having a buffer day between bookings and a certain wariness regarding travelling to Spain from many, our August would likely be a bit patchy. Last year we were almost always back to back turnarounds.

Can’t cancel it as it’s my fault for not having BDC set the maximum, so stuck with it :frowning_face:

The upside though, is that the total cost is several hundred euros in excess of what that apartment brought in last August :grinning: and it’s also non refundable!!!

The moral of the story here, if you’re on BDC and you want to set a maximum stay, get a message of to CS to have it applied at their end!



I also got a request for most of August but declined and changed my settings. I’ve had nothing but crap requests or scams since March. Now an admin at the local girls Catholic school is asking me if I want to come back to teaching and I’m actually considering it. Ugh.

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Somehow I’m having troubling envisioning you teaching at a “girls Catholic school”!


LOL. Me too. The Assistant Principal who is asking me has known me for about 25 years and used to be a the school where I taught so she knows me well. Aside from that I’m not sure I can muster the requisite neutral stances I think are prudent when teaching government at this time. But I’ll wait and see. I already said I would only consider it if the whole year is online. And if I get any unemployment payments then I may not need to do it at all.

We also dislike longer-term stays. And we’ve had people steadily every weekend (mostly visiting grandchildren), which has helped. But just got a request from a couple that was here a month or two ago - they use the apartment for extra space and want to essentially stay indefinitely. It’s an offer we can’t refuse - they’re here not too much (they don’t even sleep here!), are clearly very careful about social distancing, and area also really nice. I miss preparing the place for guests and using it occasionally ourselves, but steady income is worth it.