Got a bad feeling about this

Well these people seem pretty nice…but they have quite a lot of ideas about my pool, etc. They’ve recommended how often I skim

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So these people left and they gave me a bad cleanliness rating clearly because they were asked to comment on it by the app. And their reason for the cleanliness rating was my backyard. Not the extremely clean interior of my home and not the fact that I cleaned up after their dirty asses. They overflowed the toilet and cleaned it up using my linens then they threw the whole dirty mess in the tub. Instead of placing it in the washer which was like less than 10 feet away. And apparently while wiping ended up getting some feces on the toilet seat which I check every single day every time I pass by the bathroom to make sure that the bathroom is clean. I cleaned it up with no complaints of course. After all hotels clean these things up and they don’t get up in people’s faces about it unless it’s something outrageous.

You are going to give them a negative review and report their conduct to Air, right??

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I have to agree with Ken. What a terrible guest, I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

Nooooo I didn’t. In figured well a hotel wouldn’t say anything so I should do the same. I just vent here but if someone were to do something truly unacceptable, yeah, I’d definitely mention it.