Got 4 stars, read the reasons below

So we are doing airbnb for 7 months, always got a 5 stars review. We are doing our best and treat every guest the same.
So we got our first 4 stars review. Here are the reasons:

There is a plastic “window” in the bathroom with a counting device for water behind it. The plastic covering was pushed a bit more toward the wall and the guest “had to fix it” (maybe OCD?) - this is the most bizarre and my favourite one.
Smell in the toilet - we usually open the window after using it so the fresh air can come in.
And the last one: ham in the fridge, that “might be past due date” - I copied it from his message, also with the “might” part.

I was shocked after that but I thanked him, as we usually have issues with guests who pay half of the usual price, so we can fix things that other guests have never ever complained about. He said he is sorry that we have such a guests. I almost fainted.

So this is the case, I always have an issue with guests, who came for a much lower price during off season. For some I have to google and call the taxi - even they have internet and valid phone number, some are able to come 2 hours before check in. I am always kind but strict but I really cannot stand those people, who do not have enough money for better accommodation and are trying to act like I they are better class. There is a hotel next to our flat for average 50 euro per one bed per night (this guy paid like 10 euro - per whole flat per one person), where I would like to send all those idiots.


Now in January - yes. Per one person of course.

Ignore the 4 star review. Just let it go. You can’t fix stupid.


Do you really NEED 10 Euros? I would just shut down rather than have anyone stay in my place for really cheap.
Set your acceptable price and stick to it. Sometimes you will be empty.


For some Eurpoian countries 10euro is a lot of money. Considering they only make on average 200-300$ a month.

When you host longer you will
Develop a thicker skin to these kind of guests. sometimes I get so busy that I even ignore reading reviews. I don’t leave reviews anymore unless it’s remarkably good or bad.


According to eurostat most EU countries pay a minimum wage considerably above this sum, only Albania has a monthly minimum wage of c 260.

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That’s EU though. There are many European countries not in the EU

I’m sitting here shaking my head…some people are just off the wall.

It was per person and they were 2, so it was 20 euro. And yes, I do need those money as for low season, we were empty almost whole december. January is also not the best one, so I decided to drop the prices. Will wait until season to see if this is worth it, to keep doing airbnb, maybe more finished bookings will attract more guests.

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Two young 25 year old poor guys… The poorest guests always treat me like a crap as they think doing airbnb is the only job I have and therefore they consider themsleves to be in better position, to criticize and complain about everything.

i personally travelled to most of European countries and know from
Locals how much they are paid. In my home country for example which is Ukraine average salary is 150$ a month. Over 300$ makes only management . I just went to Romania where I rented the whole 2 bedroom in a center
Appartment for 25$ a day on a weekend .
But even if salary is 1k still to make another 300$ a month is quite a bit.

The more you discount the worse renters are- I have always found that to be the case

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You are absolutely right.

I keep an eye on my average but very rarely read the reviews, whats the point?

Seems to be there to wind Hosts up.

Because it dropped my 5 star rating from 100% to 94%. I am afraid that as it is low season, there are more people like this coming, giving 4 stars because the ham in the fridge became “due date” while their stay. Literally. Which was this case.
It is hard to keep guests coming as there are so many apartments and therefore I am doing my best.
I just wanted to share this as I found it so bizarre.

This was a bonus for the guest? Don’t like it, don’t eat it! I had one guest whine at the beginning of a stay that he didn’t like the open condiments in the fridge and wanted to know why I didn’t have the single serves. A) I am not a restaurant B) I am not a hotel C ) if they worry you - don’t use them as they are not a part of what is listed D) I have no where to to store boxes of teeny Tiny server and consider them to be a blight on the environment .
Yet he had no problem emptying the fridge I’d he and taking it with him!

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I find most people fine but you will get the odd weirdo, just life, best to just move on.

My advice: don’t look at reviews in terms of things like Cleanliness. It will do your head in.