Googled My Guest and Found Strange Paranoid Rants on YouTube


So, I had some weird feelings about a guest that checked in yesterday. He was rude within the first few sentences but I chalked it up to a language barrier thing… But then the guy did not sleep and was walking all around the house all night… I know because I couldn’t sleep because of it, which is when I stated googling him.

I found videos that he put on YouTube a couple weeks ago that were full of paranoid delusions about a particular government trying to kill him and his family. A lot of the paranoia dealt with work and living situations. He was saying how the government comes in and kills his landlords and bosses. That they are making it rain so that they can make his death look like an accident. Its about 15 minutes of these paranoid rants.

I am scared. I have dealt with paranoid delusion before, and it didn’t end well for me and I am FREAKING out. I can’t stop crying. I am hiding down stairs and locking all of the doors to my space.

I am going to cancel this stay but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t trigger this delusion. Most of the videos were him ranting about how he can’t find stable housing because the government comes and sabotages it or kills his landlords. I am trying to come up with excuses, like turning off hot water, or something but I think I am so frazzled I cannot think straight!

I need advice as to how to get this person out of the house and make it seem like it is an issue unrelated to him.

That is a really scary situation. Have you called Airbnb? Definitely call the police if he gets violent or makes threats of any kind.


Maybe first a few questions:

  • When is he supposed to be checking out?
  • Is there any family member or friend that can come over so that you don’t have to face the situation alone?
  • What country are you in?
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I called Airbnb, they have noted the account. They will cancel it for me without prejudice, but first I need to get him out of the house. I am trying to think up an excuse that doesn’t trigger this delusion!


He is here for 10 days!

I live with roommates who will be home soon!

I am in the US.

What is his purpose there? Is he going to be leaving the house for any reason?

Maybe the internet needs to be down a couple of days? Oops, it’s a weekend, they won’t be out until Monday?


That might work! Thank you!

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I do not know his purpose, he is lying a lot so I can’t get a straight answer. He seems to be living day to day doing food deliveries on his bike. At least that is according to his rants online. He told me he moved here with his family, but they decided to move elsewhere and he is just deciding what to do in the meantime.

Unfortunately he is local and no matter what you do it might set him off. I’d probably just tell him, sorry but your pacing around at night is unacceptable and I don’t feel comfortable. I’m cancelling your reservation and refunding you the remaining nights. Trying to play some guessing game on what will work doesn’t sound viable. Wait until you aren’t alone.

Tell him you just saw bed bugs and will help him find a motel. If he’s paranoid I’m sure bed bugs would freak him out.

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Yikes. I would make something up. Like you just found out there is a unexpected water main repair and the water will have to be shut off for 3 days, so he will have to find somewhere else to stay.

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I am so sorry you are going through this! It sounds like a nightmare. You need to make sure your roommates are there when you make him leave. No matter what lie you decide to tell, whether it be bed bugs, the internet, or water, act very surprised and perplexed. This way he won’t think you are in with the government delusions he has.

Being straight with him is a bad idea about why you need him to go. You cannot reason with someone with paranoid delusions, it is just not possible. The voices in their head will overrule any reality you state, and may escalate things.

Please let us know how things turn out.


I’m very sorry that you’re dealing with this.

  1. Ensure that any discussion you have with him, you have your roommates or a friend present. Don’t team up on him, but position them so that they are just hanging out, BUT overhearing what goes on. This will both ensure your safety and also provide a witness, should it escalate and you need such for a police report and/or ABNB

  2. I would have whatever conversation in the morning, giving enough time to find a different place to move to.

  3. I would not make up lies (bed bugs, inet, etc) as that may work against you. I suggest that you just say that a you have personal situation that will necessitate that his stay be cancelled, and that he needs to move out today. If he asks, just state that is a personal situation that you will not disclose. Apologize, and if necessary offer a full refund, even for the days he has stayed. Ask ABNB to contact him to explain that he needs to move.

In addition to looking over ABNB reviews I always google / search my guests when they book and just prior to when they arrive. It not only helps to offset situations like this but also gives me some heads up as to who they are, what they do, and their likes / dislikes. You can tell a lot from someone’s facebook and linkedin pages (and as you discovered YouTube).

Good luck with the situation.


What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^ Have people with you get him out.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who is hoping this got resolved without issue


If you are uncomfortable, call Air. They may argue that he has done nothing wrong, and that would be true. They will ask if he can stay the night before leaving (your call). Is there a chance a friend or suitably inspired dog could visit?

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@LaGringita2 I can only imagine what you must be going through!
I did face a situation like this once in the past where I was hosting a very budget no frill private room and there was one guest travelling from US to India and he seemed all normal but one day out of the blue I googled him and found out his rant videos about us Indians where he was swearing every bad word you could imagine. Every time I went to offer him water or sent maid for room cleaning the entire rant would run through my mind and made me want to just reduce interaction with him. He was with me for a week and I just kept the interaction to such a minimum that he didn’t notice my presence. I didn’t cancel his listing becaus I wanted that superhost status, but your case is very different I would strongly suggest to get him out but at the same time dont piss him off. Since he is a local, it would not be advisable to be in his bad books.

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Because of this thread I am going to stop internet searching for my guests.

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I think either the guest killed the OP or we are being trolled. Nothing from her in awhile.