Google Vacation Rentals

Has anyone been able to get their airbnb property to appear within Google’s new listings, called “Google Vacation Rentals”? I know there must be workarounds to appear, but I have not seen any airbnb properties on there at this point.

It appears that their rules and integrations make it so that you have to follow specifics for inclusion in a very detailed manner: Integrate with Vacation Rentals - Hotel Center Help

We have a website that forwards to our airbnb listing (, and we’d love to figure a way to show up in Google’s new listing.

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I’m sorry, I have not looked into it so I have no idea how it works, but there are several listings under the Google Vacation Rentals in my market that I recognize from Airbnb.

It looks like you will need to work with one of their approved providers listed (e.g., Lodgify) in the link you cited.

In theory you could work directly with Google but you’d have to have a technical manager to be the liaison with Google. Per this 2021 article [How to list on Google Vacation Rentals, Part 3: Direct connection or connectivity providers? | Rental Scale-Up]. some of the questions your technical manager will be asked include:

So if you have someone on your end who can do that there’s nothing in the link you provided that says you’d not qualify. In 2021 though this was an option for those with 500 properties or more. It’s not clear whether the rules have changed.