Google Home Hub - Will it make guests paranoid?

Our studio unit’s “smart” TV does not posses many options, so I’ve thought about getting a Roku or similar. Sam’s Club has the Google Smart Hub with a free Chromecast for $99 on Saturday. Looks like would be a nice setup. Also give guests option to have a tablet type experience with Internet for weather/directions/music/alarm clock. You can even “hey google” for questions. It does not have a camera! But I’ve read about paranoid guests thinking I’m spying on them. Anyone have any experience?

I think most guests would appreciate the touch, but don’t want to be getting calls from AirBnB trust and safety. Could put a cover/sign on it saying if they don’t like it, let us know and we’ll remove it for the stay? Or they could turn the mic off and just put in a drawer.

Get whatever TV setup you want. You really don’t want those paranoid guests anyway. Who’s gotten calls from Air Trust & Safety over stuff like this?

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Just mention that you have this hub on your listing. That way no one can claim that they didn’t know you had it.