Good CS experience shocker

I’m having an interesting email conversation with an Airbnb customer service rep.

I got a 1 star review from someone who third party booked, so i called customer service and they graciously and fairly promptly removed his stupid terrible awful no good review for violation of the TOS.

Then she added “i just noticed what wonderful reviews you have, and what a high standard you maintain and i wanted to thank you for being an incredible host.”

Blink blink.

Well. Y’all may remember my occasional (cough) rants about 5 stars and my getting automated emails threatening to remove my listing if i don’t get better reviews.

So i told the CS person she was the first person from airbnb to say so, and she might want to pass on that negative reinforcement doesn’t encourage me and just makes me resent Airbnb.

It feels good to have someone tell me that I’m doing great, but all i get from Official Airbnb is that 4.7 stars is still below average. My neighbors, apparently, have 4.8 stars on average.

It’s enough to make one really hate averages.

Anyway, if there’s anything else you want me to ask her to pass on to her managerd, she seems sympathetic.


I’m glad you had a positive experience with CS today. Gives us all hope LOL

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Did they remove the star rating as well? Others have mentioned the CS said they couldn’t do that - which seem absurd.

Well we must have the same neighbours because mine get 4.8 too.

They did! I went from 62% 5 stars to 63% 5 stars.

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Hmmm. How… coincidental.