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Going above and beyond


How often do you add something like flowers or chocolates to the room to surprise your guests. Is it a matter of pricing?


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I always put flowers in the room, but then we have them year-round from the garden! I like to have a few chocolates, too, from a local chocolate shop. Guests love them, they also like the little blackboard with a personal greeting on it.

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I almost always leave a bottle of wine or special beer for the guest along with cheese and fruit.


We always provide coffee and leave a bottle of wine for our guests (sometimes we ask their preference of beer or wine and if they say beer we buy something local). In our more expensive months - we also leave chocolate, flowers or fruit and we always do something special if their stay is over a holiday. We also make sure that our medicine cabinet has extra new toothbrushes, toothpaste and q-tips.

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I always provide a quality sparkling wine and fresh fruit platter and at Easter, Christmas or honeymooners will leave a little something extra. I also have the basics, salt, pepper, oil coffee pods, sugar and tea and washing powder. :smile:

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For those who leave wine, do you often find it consumed after the stay?


My place is my weekday work apartment. I rent out on the weekends. For me, I want to do whatever I can to make the guests happy. Happy guests give generous reviews. And since I won’t be there, anything up front is key.

That being said, I always have milk, granola, a seasonal fruit, and a pairing cheese. All this costs about $10. If they are staying at least two nights, I also offer them their choice of a bottle of wine or a growler of beer from the craft beer shop across the street. Either about $15. For me, it’s worth it.

About half the time, the food is left. That’s fine since I’ll have it the following week. The beer/wine is almost always gone.

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We ask whether the guest wants red, white or champers, and it’s always gone! They all seem to really appreciate it!


I leave a bottle of two-buck chuck (Trader Joe’s wine) and only two have opened it, out of maybe ten parties that I’ve left it out for. I’m on the cheap end so I don’t want to leave anything nicer. Guests seem happy with the Trader Joe’s granola bars, tea, and instant coffee. They’ve mentioned appreciating it in their reviews, and it doesn’t cost much.

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