Glad to be hosting again

My wife and I have been sometimes hosts for over 4 years. Love it when we are home to share our house on Old Mission Peninsula Traverse City Michigan. It has been tough at times with fighting local twp government. This spring they sent us a cease and desist letter based on a zoning classification that was not even ours. So the reg was for high density but we are agriculture. Any way we were away for most of the summer but are now Airbnb again for the last two weekends. Will wait to see if we get another cease and desist if so will absolutely fight. Our guests for the last two weekends have been great. We have never since 2015 had anything other than a 5 star rating. That is nothing for twp government. They want to stomp out airbnb. We will fight in court if needed as we know we are correct with the zoning ordinance, So my question is have any of you gone to court for a zoning violation and won in court. We should win per the ordinance but who knows if we get a citation. Regards, Curt Peterson Traverse City Michigan


Please help me. What is TWP?

It stands for “township.” In the US, it is a division of a county that has some governmental powers, but not usually as many zoning regulations (and other regulations) as a city or town. Properties in US townships are often rural or suburban.


I knew that the surveying classes I took decades ago would come in handy:

Townships come from the American national surveys to locate places in the country on the planet. Sorta like Ordnance Surveys of the UK.

Township lines are North and South of specified parallels, like the 45th parallel or 30th parallel North or South of the Equator. They are normally 6 miles apart.

Range lines run East or West from a Principal Meridian line. They are also normally 6 miles apart.

The intersection of two consecutive Township lines with two consecutive Range lines encloses almost exactly 36 square miles of land – a convenient “local area” division for governmental purposes. In the early days, a county was often a designated number of Townships.

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Opps, mis read that