Giving guests feedback on their reviews

I recently had a guest ask to return. He gave me 4 stars last time so before accepting I asked what would make it 5 stars. He said nothing, another host has educated him about the Airbnb star system! I accepted him and lo and behold a 5 star review.
I just had a guest give me 4 stars overall, she was a pita for various reasons. Apparently it was for a ‘dirty’ basin in a bathroom shared with one other guest, I know it was spotless when I cleaned it and subsequently I wiped it each day but hey, its shared and maybe the other guest left toothpaste on it but my listing is crazy cheap. Anyway I told her what I thought of her mean review. I dont want her back, she wasn’t pleased but I dont think shell do it to another host. Should this become a thing?!

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Hum … I’m in somewhat of same boat with a Pita-Princess and I’m vacillating between (1) telling her to suck eggs, (2) “educating” her that hosts can see her snark and, if she continues to be a bitch, she will soon find no one that will host her, and (3) letting her crash and burn on her own.

She was nasty to a prior host in the most passive aggressive manner (“We liked this place but…” Insert damning list of lies here). She also did the same with us so I think bitterness is just her M.O.

In both their review and mine she also said she would come back. Hell NO!

My husband (aka The Pacifier) says to let it go (even though he hates it too). I would like to roast her.

But maybe assholes just aren’t worth the time and effort? Can’t fix stupid, and all that … ?


Responding to a guest review is almost always a BAD thing to do. You had your chance in your review. By responding negatively you end up looking like Ms Sour Grapes. You should just block this guest from booking again.


And there it is…

Not worth it.



Hi Ken Just to be clear, I was educating her in private feedback. I agree re public linen airing.


However the previous host fixed the guest for me, and I just fixed pita princess. I think our communication has power.

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Mine too! I find it insulting they think we’re that desperate. I dont want guests who dont give me the opprtunity to fix (non existent?) things, are entitled and dont even bother to tell me when they trash my linen.

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