Giveaway! Get Your Airbnb Listing to #1 with Optimize My BNB!

Daniel Rusteen, AirHostForum member for many years and former Airbnb employee, published a new book to his 2018 best-seller “Optimize Your Bnb”.

Over the past five years, he has accumulated additional experiences, including short-term rental international investing and passing his 2,000 night as an Airbnb guest. All documented in “Profitable Properties: Airbnb Insider Secrets to Find, Price, & Book Direct any STR Investment for Year-round Occupancy”.

This book is your all-in-one guide to short-term rentals.

The book is broken down into 8 parts:

Part 1: Introduction (new hosts start here)

Part 2: Vacation Rental Market Analysis

Part 3: Build and Optimize Your Online Listing

Part 4: Elevate Your Hospitality (automation)

Part 5: Pricing

Part 6: Direct Bookings (the easy way)

Part 7: Questions and Answers

Part 8: How To Rank #1 On Airbnb (top 13 factors)

Some of the specific topics include:

  • Master pricing (and customizations) with the 2-step strategy

  • Remotely manage your rentals with only 1 hour per week

  • Take better photos than professionals with your smartphone

  • Why a departing gift is better than a welcome gift (and how to turn it into a revenue source)

  • Identify profitable markets, micro-markets, and properties to get a 90% return

  • Easy-to-implement interior design techniques and amenities with the biggest ROI

  • Ways to get bonus wishlist saves to increase your search rank

  • Increase demand with a direct booking website

“Profitable Properties” is on sale now both on Amazon and directly on his website in physical, digital, and audio.

We’re doing a giveaway for audiobooks with winners chosen out of anyone who likes the post. The more likes, the more audiobooks will be given away.

5 free audiobooks for every 100 likes (10 at 200 likes, 15 fo 300 likes, etc).

The winners will be presented a coupon code redeemable on for Profitable Properties book.