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Ghost notifications driving me mad!

Both my account and my airbnb app on my phone are telling me I have (1) new message, only to have the notification disappear when I open/inspect my account. No new messages, no pending inquiries, and I have 12 alert/notifications but I don’t know how to delete those and normally they don’t show up as new messages anyway.

I’ve had this problem for a little over a week now and it’s driving me nuts–making me think I’ve missed an important text from a guest or an inquiry when in fact there isn’t any account activity that needs to be taken care of. Even on the PC website, every time i refresh it says I have (1) new message, only to have that notification disappear when I hover my mouse over the mail icon.

Any idea how to make it stop!? Arrghhh!

IIt’s been glitching regarding the whole messaging system for at least a week to ten days now. Something on their end!

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