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Getting the ID of a guest for police report

Have you not reported this harrassment to Airbnb and blocked him from contacting you?

Yes, I have reported it but did not have an option to block his messages.

Here is the status, Airbnb refunded me of the damage caused by the guest after having asked me several proofs. I wonder why they offer the option to set a « security deposit » despite the fact that it seems the refund you in their own funds via their insurance…

Anyway, I still don’t have the guy ID and will let it go. I am happy to learn that when a guest is deeply misbehaving / acting dangerously you can’t expect any support from Airbnb and should contact the police directly.

I have set a calendar reminder to let the guy a terrible review at the last moment so you don’t have to host him yourself…

I cite insurance reasons and have them send the ID pic on Air’s messenger platform. Hotels ask for your ID at check in. I see no reason to not do that as a home host.

This is going to be a nightmare for AirBnB and hosts until Air gets its act together.

Given the number of posts about it, you’d think it already has been, but the reality is that unless they are legally forced to change, they will only make changes when they have data showing it hurts their bottom line. I was hoping they’d do something for long-term stays, but apparently their data still shows they don’t have to.

And what’s sad is that a bunch of hosts are going to have to deal with those issues until they make changes.

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Holiday area in Queensland Australia.
So they check IDs

Okay, so let’s say the host asks for ID at the door, and Airbnb doesn’t even have the guest’s full ID. The person who shows up and hands you his ID isn’t the person who booked. Is this okay with you?

That would be 3rd party booking and you are well aware that isn’t allowed by Air T&Cs. Adios guest!

I only rent to people who have verified Id on Airbnb, and from my experience, people’s names on Airbnb do not often match their actual Id. It’s best to request a copy of the id in advance of the stay. Put in your house roles that “no one stays without valid id”. Then show up to let them in and check that the id matches. I say, all guests must be over 25 with valid identification. You can even require them to sign a lease for their stay if you like. Take control or you will get taken advantage of.

As long as I have the ID of the person staying yes, it would be ok with me. Beats depending on Air for anything

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Only if it’s OK with Airbnb. By their current policies, it’s not OK.

But Airbnb has admitted that they don’t always have a guest’s full name and birth date, so how would they know if the arriving guest is the same person who made the booking? That’s my point.

It’s just one more think they have to fix.

Has the guest moved out of the property? Are you safe?

Are you pressing charges?

Why don’t you let the police to do the police work and get the ID?

I am safe, and the guest did leave the flat but only after causing troubles.

I am « pressing charges », or « porter plainte » in French but knowing the French police, nothing will happen, especially if you press charges against « X » (unnamed person).

Airbnb did refund me of some of the damages and theft caused by the guest (stolen cameras, electricity installation degradation, plumbing modification to create a water damage for insurance scam), but they did not refund me of the aditional cleaning fees charged by my cleaning service for handling the trash bin that he made of my flat.

I guess Airbnb considers it is ok for people to trash apartments and it is our role to clean guests shit for free.

I hope that the fact that as a guest you can:

  • have a fake name, verified ID that host cannot ever have access to
  • transform an apartment in a trash bin without having to pay for it

will not spread too much among guests or we will have more and more troubles with more and more weirdos and criminals using Airbnb.

Did he have reviews when he booked your place? Were there any red flags?

Only five stars reviews, verified identity, zero red flags.

That’s horrible. That’s some bad luck.

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