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Getting started with hosting


I just listed a room in our home about 10 days ago; so far, we’ve had one guest. I’m wondering how your experience has been in terms of getting more guests: how did your occupancy rate grow? did it take a while - weeks, months - to start building up? I realize it depends on a lot of factors like where you’re located, home style, pricing, season etc but just trying to get a general sense of the initial startup phase.


Undercut everyone in your area to build up good reviews then hike prices. I’ve had like 3 guests in November so far and I was booked solid for October… its can be very seasonal.

It depends where you are. Good photographs are absolutely essential. We started out with a bang and kept growing. About 6 months ago, things started slowing down because everyone is hosting now so there’s a lot of competition. Also, I’m much pickier now. I have no problem saying no if I have any doubt whatsoever about the suitability of the guest. (live and learn.) Good luck!

thanks…I revised my prices.

thanks…agree about the photographs.

I would have liked to have the viewcount data working for me to get an idea of the statistics so I can adjust my listing based on that, but I probably will have to call airbnb about it.

Book the free photographier airbnb provide

In my neighborhood, there is not a lot of competition, but I think lack of awareness is a big problem. I combat that by:

  1. setting up my own website that links to my airbnb listings
  2. Using ads, such as facebook and adwords to build awareness
  3. Post an ad on craigslist.com

I have gotten lots of leads this way, and lots of bookings from people who never booked on airbnb before.
Things are not perfect, but I think this is helping

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Rain, I am just wondering how things are going 6 months into your hosting experience?

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