Getting rid of lingering perfume smells - Suggestions?

I have back to back bookings today. The couple that just checked out left a very strong lingering scent of rose perfume in the bedroom and bath. It’s not offensive or anything, but I’m not sure my next guests will appreciate it.

I’ve opened the windows, opened the guest room to the rest of the house, turned on the A/C, let the bathroom fan run, stripped the bed linens, cleaned the hard surfaces in the bath and sprayed Fabreeze. There is STILL a lingering scent!

Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have suggestions about how to get rid of these types of odors quickly?

If you have any window fans put them in the windows pointing out to act as additional extractor fans. Maybe sprinkle baking soda and then sweep/vacuum it up?

Put no perfume in your rules lol! I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’ve found that perfume usually dissipates within a few hours as most perfumes and colognes are alcohol based. When it seems like the guest poured the perfume or cologne I open all the windows and wash all the linens. I’ve never had it linger until the next guest arrives.

I don’t know if I should relate this or not…and forgive me that it’s in bad taste but it happened to pop into my mind and I feel like sharing…

Way-way back, I purchased a brand new Mazda RX7. One day soon after, I drove a rather large guy (the office clown), home from work. As he slid into the low front seat he farted. Then he quickly announced, “There, that should get rid of the new car smell.”

And it did.


I had an rx7 in the day!

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Ha ha ha @SandyToes, time for @Chloe to stock up on baked beans…:smiley:

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Baking soda in bowls around the room. As Karma suggested, baking soda on carpet and vacuum.

For future odor problems, activated charcoal bags. They can be found at Amazon.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I implemented as many as I could in the time I had. There was still the faintest lingering scent in the bathroom, but in the end I don’t think it will be bothersome.

I’d never heard of activated charcoal bags, but I’ll most likely get some!

I have to add that I find the smell of Febreeze more unpleasant than any perfume. If febreeze is being sprayed to cover pet or heavy body odor, or vomit, then I really appreciate it but otherwise I hope more hosts would skip it.


I would imagine there are worse things than the faint scent of roses that could enter your nasal passages in the WC.


Yes … an old topic but after 160+ guests, I encountered this for the first time. Very nice couple in the mid 60’s, first time AirBNBers, from 35 miles south, who were just looking for a “staycation” weekend. Overall a good experience, they were clean, and very much enjoyed their stay. BUT the husband left behind a strong cologne scent. I hadn’t noticed it when they arrived but when I went in to clean, it was overwhelming. UGH. But opened the windows, turned on the ceiling fans, and pretty much gone in a couple of hours. Also relieved when the guest arriving today messaged me to say they had a change of plans, and rather than checking in early, they were going to be checking in later this evening.

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I had clients come into my office yesterday, hubby smelled like old spice and cigarettes. Usually I drive my clients, and sometimes I have them follow in their car…

My MIL is 96, she is up every other weekend and is quite liberal with the estee lauder, it dissipates after a couple hours.