Getting just the address edited out from a review

I’d ideally like to edit out the property address from an otherwise fantastic review. Airbnb’s customer service gives me the standard line about not being able to make any changes except removing both the review and the rating after the 14-day period.

Is there a strategy to get the review edited? I also vaguely remember a rep on the phone long time back offering to remove the review while retaining the rating. Is there a way to do that?

You can’t get a review edited. There is no “strategy” to do so. And it’s difficult to get a review left by your guest removed. Airbnb will remove reviews at the writer of the reviews request, so best to ask your guest to please ask for it to be removed, explaining why.

I don’t know if you can keep the rating. Unless you need it to up your rating, there’s no advantage to asking for it to be retained.

Keep us posted how it worked out. Airbnb doesn’t publish exact locations of the listings but would allow the mention of such in a review? Sounds bizarre - should definitely qualify as an exception to the rule of having the review edited/removed without punishment to the rating. There is no fault on the host’s side and the guest most likely breached the rules about what a review can contain and what not. Airbnb would have to add that to the usage terms if it’s not already part of them.

This is not the case. I have gotten a few reviews removed that disclosed my building name and address. I did not keep the rating. The whole thing is gone.