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Getdone.work – Tool to manage your cleaning staff with AI



Hi guys! We’ve developed getdone.work helping you to manage your cleaning staff.

Getdone is a cool alternative to old school checklists. We take boring routine tasks from small business owners’ shoulders: did your employees open the doors on time? Checked up the inventory? How are cleaning and maintenance? Now it is possible to run recurring tasks on autopilot.

A business owner could create a list of recurring tasks with visual examples of how each task should be performed. Staff members uses the mobile app to focus on their current task and report on its completion with photo. Getdone verifies the results, comparing photos of the result with an example, checks time and location of completion, and reminds staff members to proceed to the next task automatically.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! You’ve gotta be kidding!


And we have robot cleaners!




I hope if they use the bathroom it makes them take a photo of the contents of the toilet bowl after use and before flushing to ensure they really needed to go and not just slacking off. And hey while they are there get them to provide a urine sample for a drug test as well.

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