General occupancy rate to expect?

In considering renting, is there an average occupancy rate to help with my calculations? I know it depends on where you live, the time of year, etc. But is there a ballpark percentage?

I live in desirable neighborhood in Asheville, NC. And we’d be turning our basement in to a nice, finished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, if that helps.

If you look at similar listings as your in your area, peek into their calendar to check the booked dates for the coming weeks, you can extrapolate that to give a very very very very rough figure.

But better yet, do not have any expectations.


Imho this question is impossible to answer. Maybe see stats for local hotel occupancy? If they exist.

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What you see on the calendar is unavailable dates, not booked ones. My calendar has been blocked off most of the summer due to my being on vacation, remodeling and an weekly air guest that I converted to cash one third of the way through their stay.

I agree with others that this isn’t a number that can be given. Also keep in mind that the regulatory environment can change, neighbors can complain, competition can increase, etc.

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Yes, these factors resulted in one of the several 'very’s in my disclaimer. :slight_smile:

I found this you can search for more but this should help!

1 Like will give you good idea of overall yearly occupancy rates I believe you can access without paying. Even the basic paid subscription will give you a ton of data.


You might mean “is”, not “isn’t”.

They say that if a hotel booked 60% then it’s a well run business.
For me personally 60% would be a disaster. Since it’s my only income . I maximize by doing lots of calculations and analyzing all kind of scenariums. My occupancy is 95%. Also because I dhave longer terms too during not busy season. I did with one day minimum in a beginning and honestly, to have such high occupancy was tiring for me. I set financial goal and my comfort level and went from
There .
Some hosts on this forum are only doing season rent, some only weekends or weekdays. Some only when they are away.

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