General Advice to guests

It would be a good thing (I think) if airbnb required guests to read some advice before booking such as:

Do read the entire site before booking.
Do wash hair dye out properly before arriving at the rental.
Do check in and check out on time.
Do clean up after yourself.
Do wash and dry pots, pans, dishes and glasses before putting them away.
Do hang your wet towels up to dry.
Do be honest with your host.
Do let your host know if you break anything asap.

Do not leave wet towels on bed.
Do not use facecloths to remove make up or as dish rags.
Do not put wet beach towels full of sand in the dryer.
Do not wash beach sand out in the shower.
Do not put sanitary items down the toilet.
Do not make fires in the house or garden.
Do not arrive with more people than are booked.
Do not eat and / or drink anything in your bedroom especially in bed.
Do not download illegal material on the host’s wifi.
Do not do drugs in the rental.
Do not arrive drunk, get drunk, leave drunk while at the rental.
Do not take advantage of your host.
Do not let yourself down by being rude or unmannerly.
Do not play loud music, radio, or shout.

Add to this please!


Do not leave tomatoes under the ottoman.

Yes, I still have a bee in my bonnet about that one :slight_smile:


Do not dump food on the wall or burn our chopsticks or let the cat into the garage. Please lock the door without me having to harp on you constantly.


LOL. If anyone has the secret of getting people to read the world wants to know…starting with teachers.

It seems we had a similar thread here not too long ago. …


I would like to add “if you break it, replace it!”

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I’ve done temp work over the years, working in different offices and one thing which stood out was when I worked for a teachers’ association - that was the only office where people actually read signs.


True dat! I recall a thread a while back with some poor host with terrible guests including blue hair dye everywhere?

I don’t necessarily need this. I prefer guests keep their issues to themselves and just leave me a 5 Star :star:️ review,!regardless of what they honestly think

Why? We’re not the fun police

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DO NOT believe poor planning on your part constitutes an emergency on your host’s part.
DO NOT think it’s okay to line your pockets and handbags with ALL the food put out for you at breakfast.


It’s gotten to the point where I leave a welcome letter and signs in the kitchenette in Airbnb. I used to get critiqued for having too many signs but I now explain in the main letter/list that greets the guests hat it’s because people travel from all over the worlds and in different age groups and have different travel experiences. (I basically imply in the letter that it’s not them that I’m writing about.)

Mind you, I still find wet towels covered in make up rolled up wet on the floor and appliance on when they leave and doors unlocked but it’s a lot better than it used to be.

Would love to see a copy of your letter to your guests. I am considering doing this myself.

Here is is. It might look odd because of my copying from a word doc.
I have more house rules that I post on the wall. Every time. a guest does something really stupid, I have to add it to my house rules. Just added no commercial use of suite.

Welcome to Your Suite.

Your AirBnB review is very important to us and we hope that your stay will be 5 Stars!

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask and we will try to accommodate you. During your stay, please use the Airbnb Messaging System between the hours of 7 am – 9 pm.

Why are these common-sense rules posted?

We have guests stay from all over the world, in different age groups along with different travel experiences. We have found that it helps to communicate upfront our expectations.

  1. Please use the luggage racks for ALL luggage (suitcases, duffle bags, backpacks, purses, etc. . Please do not place any luggage on the floor.
    (This helps us to keep a pest-free suite.)

  2. Please hang up your wet towels on the hooks behind the bathroom door.
    (This prevents the towels from getting mildewy and prevents wood rot when wet towels are hung on wood doors or the poster bed.)

  3. If you turn on the hall or porch light, please shut offonce you are in your suite.
    (There is a switch to turn off hall light to the right of your suite door once you are inside your suite.)

  4. Quiet time is after 10 pm*.
    (You can talk, watch tv, listen to music, etc but we just ask that you be mindful that people are sleeping below you.

  • When coming in after 10 pm, please walk up stairs quietly and if walking around, please remove shoes late at night.)

NO smoking or Vaping inside suite. There is a designated smoking section outside to the left of the house. DO NOT walk up and down driveway smoking. If you smoke in the suite, we will have Airbnb cancel your reservation and you will not be refunded.

Check out time is 10 am.
If you need a later check out time, we can often accommodate you but please ask 6 pm the night before
checkout so that we can reschedule the cleaners.

Thank you for staying in our suite.

Please leave your comments below on what you liked and/or how we can improve.

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Thanks so much! I added washing, drying and putting away dishes as well as asking the women to use the provided face wipes for make up removal…that stuff just does not wash out of the towels and washcloths.

Regarding the use of towels to remove makeup, my guests are provided a black cloth that clearly says" makeup removal cloth". do the idiots use it? no. i have in rules and house manual even. airbnb prices are much lower than the other travel sites. maybe we just get the illiterate ??? sometimes.

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I’m curious to know about the “no luggage on the floor” rule… it’s not something I’ve ever heard of before.

I read in different forum that if folks leave their luggage on luggage racks, bed bugs are less likely to crawl out. I often have guests that come from other places like NY or northern New England so the critters can hop in the luggage at any time during the folks travels. (I’m terrified of getting bed bugs.)

LOL, I don’t believe we have any more bed bugs here in Nothern New England than anyplace else in the US.


That’s not what I was implying. Bed bugs can show up anywhere. It has nothing to do with cleanliness. I’m based in the Boston area and often have guests use my Airbnb at the end of their trip. They can pick up the bed bugs from anywhere.

Are bed bugs a big “thing” in America? I wasn’t aware.

No. Like most things people are afraid of, the fear is out of proportion to the reality.


Yes, absolutely. We stayed in an Airbnb that had hair all over the bed and I was so paranoid that there would be bed bugs too. They can be very hard to get rid of once you bring them home.