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Hi new to forum today, I am a Gold Coast City Council rate payer, and own a free standing home in Monterey Keys, I am thinking of letting my home on Airbnb but I’m confused by the possibility of needing council approval Google research makes me even more confused, if there is anybody who is a member of this forum in a similar situation as in owning a house Not situated in a party house precinct what exactly are the regulations if any.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Hi from Northern NSW.
This is an international forum. My best suggestion would be to search out rentals in your area. It doesn’t have to be Airbnb. You could look at trip advisor or booking.com and see what is around you. You may find a host who is willing to answer questions or even a Facebook group. Being in NSW we have rules and are waiting for the state government to make some sort of ruling / legislation… I have asked my local government here and that’s what they are waiting on. I don’t have party issues as mine are rented to visiting doctors, engineers and one house is rented to painters who are painting a number of local high schools for 3 Months.

The quickest and easiest way to find out about local government restrictions around STR is to look on your local council website - certainly here in the UK they have this information.

If not just give your council a call. Normally restrictions are related to planning/licensing.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, just like many businesses you need a license to do so.

Thanks will try your suggestions. :ok_hand::smiley:

check out: cityofgoldcoast.com.au/partyhouses


that is information about the TEMPORARY PLANNING INSTRUMENT No1 (Party Houses) 2015 TLPI

my guess is that the council will rise your rates if you rent out your property…

Good luck

Thanks Susanne, may have to talk to someone at the council. :+1:

Thanks Deb will give that a try thank you for your time

I’m also in Northern NSW and all ok ATM. Rules may change though.

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Thanks very much yes I’m gonna have to do some more homework