Game Console Amenity: How Important?

I read recently on the Web that a game console is one of the most popular amenities in a vacation rental. How important is it to have a game console? Will it really increase my bookings? Which game console would you recommend, the XBox or PlayStation (or both)?

Surely it depends on who your target market is?

I have never stayed in a vacation rental that has one or chosen one because of it.

Do link us to the post which talks about this.

I wouldn’t have one available far too easy for guests to take.

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Thank you Helsi for your response. My target market is families.

Nice touch, but then you’s have to have a comprehensive pile of games, and would have to check each case after check out.
Only awarded 3 stars, as they had a Playstation, and not a Wii, or didn’t have the classic Modern Warfare II

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Most families pack a child plus iPad anyway, so they should be ok for entertainments.

I had a hol last month, and will always remember a womans face when her child said he’d forgotten to pack his iPad!


Just. Say. No. …

I’d much rather my son spent holidays climbing trees, playing by the beach, swimming, building fires, helping with the cooking, family adventures, board games and family games, enjoying local attractions, culture and sightseeing.

They have enough of Xbox etc at home.


And the link to the research you mentioned?..

I admit to having zero experience with game consoles. However, I think this is one of the amenities that guests won’t miss if it’s not there, but will criticize if it is there. I can easily envision guests who are used to one brand complaining that you supplied the wrong brand and complaining that you didn’t supply their favorite games. Guests tend to complain more that an existing amenity isn’t to their taste than they complain about an amenity not being provided.


I think it would depend where you are. We’re in the city and our guests tend to be out exploring all day and bring their own entertainment for their kids. I am not a gamer so know nothing about them.

Exactly!!! That’s why I don’t mention some of our amenities; they can’t complain if they didn’t expect it in the first place. (Well,…they’re less likely to complain).

One of our rooms has a PS4 in it. The games are digital download or picked up used copies. Some guests love it. Some guests don’t care. Not one has complained about it not being an XBox or Wii. Only one has requested a game we didn’t have and it was super cheap to pick up a used copy of the game they wanted at the local Game Stop.

Our other two rooms do not have game consoles and most of the guests don’t ever mention a lack of them–I think we have had two that said they wished they had access to one (big gamer people). As my sister lives down there, she simply shared hers with them and they were super happy to have someone to play with.

I used to leave Jenga for guests to play with. After the second one went “missing” they now get a beat up old Monopoly, and like it :slight_smile:

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I think kids today all have a tablet or phone to game. If I was going to add a console I would maybe do a retro one with preloaded games. This way you have less things to get lost and are saying “this is not current”

I have a table full of games, electronics they can bring.

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