Gaahh! New competitor in town, WhyHotel in DC metro area

Already in Baltimore and DC, just listed in Arlington, VA. They are listed on Airbnb, and their intro video actually shows a rat attack as a potential negative of home share.
This is temporarily available apartment space after build-out and before the building is fully LTR-ed. It’s a smart idea; wish it wasn’t in my hood!

It seems like the kind of place perfect to take money away from the rental arbitrage folks. I like it. :wink:

It’s really just adding extra STR units to an already crowded market. They are certainly undercutting the (probably non-compliant) full-apartment STRs around me – their price point is pretty low – but they are also competing with me and my attached suite.
Their existence as a temporary STR manager for new vacant apartments won’t prevent rental arbitrage by the future LT tenants – it’s up to the apartment management to police that.
Like I said, brilliant idea to monetize vacant real estate – but I object to their characterization of homeshares as dilapidated and rat-infested.