FYI: Advance notice not working right now?

At 9:25 tonight, I got a booking request for tomorrow, check in at 3pm. Problem is, I have two day advance notice required checked so this never should have happened. Right?

I don’t trust the system now so my thoughts of going to instant book have turned to the “heck no!!” variety. (My husband, seeing this, agrees with me now!)

I’m traveling, trying to resolve this with -0- cell service, and all I get from customer service is “but the dates are available” and “I’ll have to investigate” and just now “I can’t resolve this so I have sent you to another case specialist”

Thank goodness the guest cancelled, but they shouldn’t have even had to.

Just wanted to give a heads up, and if anyone has a clue here, I could use it.

I had something similar, kind of. I check my listing daily, and when I looked at it this morning (anonymously) it showed my place first in the feed saying it was a “rare find” (we all know this hook) but it showed this weekend was available. It’s not! I have guests!!! I took the hook and looked at the calendar and it clearly showed my room as open and available. I tried an anonymous booking request and it looked like it was going to allow it. Must be a calendar glitch. I’ve never seen this happendix? Could have been a real problem.


Working for me, just checked it. Our place was available 5mins ago (cut off time is midday for same day bookings) but refreshed page and now not available.


Yes just 3 weeks ago we had blocked the calendar on Air because we got a homeaway guest. Somehow the Air calendar got unblocked. Unfortunately we had to cancel a guest that had then booked so yes there are many glitches with Air these days. We were just a month away from being superhosts too darn!!

@MtnGal, @DozerPug - there have been lots of threads on this forum about dates mysteriously becoming unblocked. I don’t sync my AirBnB calendar to my VRBO/HA calendar (where most of our bookings are from) with the links. I do it manually. But first, I set those dates to a super-high price so if they do become unblocked, it’s highly, highly unlikely that anyone would book them. I learned that tip from others on the forum.


I do not list on other platforms. Strictly AirBnB, home share, room in my house, so there is no calendar syncing. I do not block off personal time when family comes. I make them book through the Air platform at a special ("$100") rate. So, there was no reason my home should have shown as available. I had guests booked. Real guests. Through the Air platform, yet it was offering folks a “special rate” to book. Welcome to real, honest to God home-sharing. Bed sharing no less. SMH.


This isn’t a syncing issue. I manually block but it isn’t even a blocking issue.

The screenshot shows my settings but they booked for 14 hours away regardless of the 48 hour “ban”. Airbnb, surprise surprise, is clueless on how this happened. :woman_facepalming:

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Got a response this morning from ABB stating that the upgrade they did last week caused settings not to be effective. They are working on fixing it. FYI y’all

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@dozerpug it is a real problem. did you call the CS to signal the bug in the software?