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Fussy tenants from Russia


Hi, encountered particularly fussy tenants from Russia who despite the terms being clearly spelt out in the contract, they expect above and beyond that. My apartment sleeps only 2 guests but the family wants to squeeze 3 people for the same price and expects me to cater extra stuff for the extra person only after moving in. My pal also had experience with Russian tenants who fuss over the slightest things. I am not sure if it is a culture thing but I will surely be careful when hosting tenants from Russia from now on.


I am from that part of the world, well, almost. I live in US for many years. I am not fussy and easy going in my travels, and so is my whole family.
My worst review i had from my russian guests. After that i had 4 russian guests who picked me based on language as they spoke no English and they were wonderful.

As we figured here, all cultures are different with their special trates, But as far as personalities go, there are so many varieties in every culture.

In a future though stand your grounds and do not let extra person in.
The fact is when they show up with 3rd person, you can cancell based on that and get paid anyway. If they break rules, its on them


I’ve had one group from Russia and I loved them so much I offered to have them come stay for a free weekend. They are political refugees and I could tell they were struggling. They were so quiet, and I do not exaggerate, that I did not hear them come in even though I was at my kitchen table. They were big guys, too. Well, then they made a mistake and opened the wrong bedroom door. Then I heard my roommate, lol!

People are a**holes all over the world. It doesn’t help anyone to label them.

And yes, this home-schooling, over-50-something-mom, bookkeeper-for-my-church lady DID say a**hole!

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