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Furnished/Serviced Apartment Business on Air BNB

I couldn’t find any information on this on Airbnb.

Is it ok for a furnished apartment business to advertise/rent their suites through Air BNB? We already get business through our website and referrals, but would use Air BNB as a secondary source of rentals.

Some potential issues could be if someone is wanting to extended their stay. Will they have to use Air BNB to extended their stay? or can they book through the already established business.

Anyone have any experience with this?

There are hotels on air bnb so I think you can do it.
They can extend with etablished business

Thanks. Didn’t know there was hotels on Air BNB

Thanks. Didn’t know there was hotels on Air BNB

Yes, there are quite a few listings, it’s an additional advertising platform for them.

Cheap platform for hotels compare to others platforms

But if they want to extended their stay their not obligated to extend through Air BNB? They can extend through the hotel?

It would be a violation of terms of service to accept payment outside of Air for Air reservations.

Anyway you could link me to where this is?

I can’t see any reason why the hotel couldn’t take a direct booking. They don’t need Airbnb’s protection, they’re a commercial hotel. It’s just a way for them to get more eyes on their hotel. Most of the hotels on air are the smaller, boutique style hotels from what I’ve seen.

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This only says that you would not get covered if you book outside of Air BNB.

Yeah, you’d probably be fine. You just wouldn’t want to communicate about booking extended via Air’s system. Air always seems to side with guests, so just protect yourself from liability :slight_smile:

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