Funny listing that would make an excellent ABB

OK, this is actually a house thats for sale in Pittsburgh. I thought it would make a really nice Airbnb listing if the times were normal.
Meanwhile apparently there are geeky people interested. I have a realtor friend who is showing it today to an older couple star trek fans.
And all this time I thought we have to paint the walls beige before putting the house on the market. Wrong, all you need is start trek wall paper an memorabilia. Enjoy!


I used to have a beaded curtain just like that in the 60s. LOL The house is really dated. I agree with you, Star Trek fans might enjoy staying there : )

Too funny. I’m not sure if I found the actual house the funniest bit, or the description!

Perfect for a good laugh. Thank you!

There was actual sand on the floor!
First thought was… what would my cat think?
Second thought…did the furnishings get rejected by the local thrift shop…
That was really different!


Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen some Airbnbs with good reviews that weren’t too far different from this home.

Lol, don’t remember if there were cats in Star Trek. Anyway I showed it to my coworkers. We had a blast. Someone appreciated the gaming room.