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Funny AirBNB "tips"

Lately, AirBNB has been posting “tips” to the right of my calendar. Some of them are simply amusing. In October I have exactly one night open. I have a minimum of two nights and since I have hit my personal turnover capacity, I have not made this night available. In my opinion, I am 100% booked for the month. And yet -
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/47f4e2f6948dc9350e4e5dc8743d0fd0e63b9f2a.png" width=“343” height=“372”>

@faheem How is this mathematically possible?

But for November, when I still have 7 open nights, my “tip” is only “7% increase if I use their price settings.”

Give these programmers some more Red Bull.


And since I started this, here is a “tip” I received about a week ago. Has anyone seen one like it before? I had three days blocked off so I could go to a family wedding. Obviously, AirBNB knows that it was blocked manually and not with a reservation through AirBNB. They wanted those days back!

For the sufficiently talented, anything is possible.

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I’m not seeing this. I wish I was so that I could join in!

Today, after I viewed AirBNB’s price suggestions and clicked “no thanks” I got a new message. Perhaps I should hold my breath in anticipation?

Please note: This says that I can increase my bookings; not my income. Not a convincing argument.

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I’ve been getting these as well and I agree…not exactly a great argument. I would LOSE money if I booked at their suggested rates, so I’m just letting my suite sit empty during the slow season. I did receive one which I found interesting though. It asked me to unblock certain dates in January, I guess because a booking had taken place during that timeframe in my area?? Anyway, I did this but still no bookings :frowning:.

I get the laughable ones by email! That include changing sheets and cleaning. Leaving a bagel and juice. What the heck, it’s so last year!

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