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FUNNY - 4 star on check-in


I could consider giving extra directions, but believe me, that kind of taxi driver would never find our address, because he simply isn’t interested in finding it. Instead of taking maybe 3 minutes to look for a clearly indicated house number in the shortest street ever, he choose to just drop the guest in the middle of the street.


But why they were not sure before they got off if it’s correct address? They should see the house number before they left taxi


I will certainly tell them this… Maybe there was also the factor of them being unable to speak Spanish and the taxi driver being unable to speak English. I will also tell them to learn some Spanish and when they’re at it also a course in spacial orientation :rofl:.


You know there is international things as numbers. Unless the numbers to your house were written in letters.
I think the driver was just lazy and your guests were tired and didn’t pay attention.
In any case it happened and I would write something like that: I’d you arrive by taxi be sure to not leave taxi unless you see the house number


At least in GutHend’s case there are housenumbers …in my case there used to be a name to the building until they painted the building and for at least 10 years I did not even know my Avenida number - it could have been either 2, 4 or 6 until one day street signs appeared and they choose 6.
Descriptions is what rules here, for mail addresses is not uncommon for them to be 3 or 5 lines long. Needless to say I also never got mail.


Hehehe…my god…
So what to do , how to find you?


A trusted shuttle driver …:wink:
But not all guests heeded that advice. So I had my fair share of cab drivers from the airport that let off guests somewhere around (no funny matter when dark), phone calls with cab drivers for more explicit Tico style directions (if the guest at least heeded the advice to have my phone number on hand)… but usually all guests made it. It helped that my location was 1 block of the main avenue so actually straightforward to find.

And after they put up the street signs it was to use maps.


I use the “communication” catagory for this.


Sounds like the lady who was here a couple months ago. She did the same thing on the rating. She also marked me down on “communication” because she couldn’t contact me once she got on my road.

Which is true. Which is why I spell out, exactly, where we are, from the exact mileage (4.3 miles down our road). And why I spell out that once you turn on my road, you won’t be able to contact me so be sure to write down or print the directions. Of course she didn’t. She ended up at our neighbors (which doesn’t look ANYTHING like the “blue house on the hill”) and she didn’t even bother to write down the address. The neighbor said she was driving up and down the road crying.

She told me that she expected something like neon lights saying it was the air bnb. I asked her about the address, and she said, well I didn’t write it down.

We’ve since put up a 4 foot sign on the end of our driveway (which is a quarter of a mile long) with our address in red. And STILL people aren’t sure.

Drives me batty


I once had some guests from Singapore give me 3 stars for location and complain that my property which is listed as “Off the Highway” which they assumed meant “On the Highway” and it was a bit scary because there were no street lights getting from the highway to the village 2km, except for the one right outside my place. I guessed in Singapore even “rural” areas have a street light every 100m.


That’s what full beam headlights are for. If you’ve disclosed a rural location …


Well you have to drive through 2km of dairy farms and a horse place to get to the small village, which does have streetlights. It never occurred to me it would be an issue worth noting. As for “scary” well we ask the duelling banjo players to keep it down at night if they see strangers approaching.

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