Fundraising to purchase ancestral home and become an AirBnb

I have traced my roots and found my ancestral home. It was sold out of the family and turned into a hotel, now the owner has died and it’s up for sale. I’ve had a crowdfunding site up for a year, thought of several ideas to try to get the money in.
I’m thinking of running the business as an Air BnB. I have the business, hospitality and customer service background to run it right. I just need the funds. I have used social media to get the fundraiser out, I have put incentives and even tried the “name a star” type fundraiser, except it’s “name on a pane”, which engraves their name on a pane of the glass in the conservatory/dining room, they get a certificate, a photo of the engraving and it’s a lot better than the “name a star” cause it’s tangible.

But the funding is not coming. I’m running out of ideas, please help if you can with ideas.

People usually don’t have an issue in fundraising for a charity. For personal gain I really don’t like your chances.


Would you consider Kanye West’s self-inflicted credit card debt a charity? He raised 3 times the amount he needed for that, and it was in the millions. and I can’t even get a measly $500k… :frowning:

No. But Kanye West is famous and has millions of fans. So I wouldn’t be shocked if this

were true. But it’s not.

I’d say there is zero chance your scheme will be successful. Most of us on this forum are just working hard and doing the best we can. You could try that.


And what makes you think I’m not working hard and trying the best I can!?!?!? Sheesh, didn’t think I’d be attacked for trying to save my ancestral home!!! I’m leaving this forum if this is the way you treat people!

This is a forum for hosts to help other hosts, it’s not a fundraising site or Dear Abby.