Fun with TOS LOLOL

There are things in the Terms of Service that get talked about here that are worth knowing when talking to Customer Service about a problem.

We have accepted as a “cost of business” that guests are going to stain our linens, leave grease on the stove, and piles of trash. Making a claim isn’t worth our time, most the time. But that doesn’t change the fact that:

11.1 As a Guest, you are responsible for leaving the Accommodation (including any personal or other property located at the Accommodation) in the condition it was in when you arrived.


You also may not

14.1 dilute, tarnish or otherwise harm the Airbnb brand in any way,

So watch your mouth and your fingers. Airbnb can remove your listing just for smack talking.


:shushing_face: So hosts, beware posting about how you don’t wash everything after each guest.

I love this. So guests must clean and polish everything. If ever, ever, I had a guest who left an apartment in the condition it was in when they arrived, I think my heart would give out with the shock. :scream:


Had that, twice recently, and my ticker is still ticking, just.

First was a French couple who were travelling from Morocco and ended up arriving so late (border issues) that we took them to a late night tabanco to get some food, and they generously picked up the bill for several beers for moi. That immediately put them up a notch on the guestometer :slight_smile: When they checked out after three days the place was spotless, I’m fairly sure she’d even mopped the floors!

Second time was a direct booking, parents of a friend who lives locally, and the mother even cleaned the shower cabinet!

That said, the apartments still get cleaned as normal, it just makes it that little bit easier and it’s a nice change from some of the manky sods we’ve also had recently.



Love those…in fact had one today…if I didn’t know better wouldn’t have known they stayed. It really does make up for those that don’t even bother.

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I feel I have to warn French guests that I do NOT want them to spend their whole last day cleaning the apartment … they don’t take any notice.

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I have had guests who have truly left things in better shape thanks to doing things that I’d decided didn’t matter but ‘I’d get round to them one day’. (Yeah, right). One lovely bloke, for instance, asked me if he could borrow a screwdriver so he could straighten a doorknob that was a millimetre off-centre. I’d noticed, but I had never believed that a guest would.

Another sorted out a few minor electrical issues (cosmetic, not dangerous), I’ve had guests who have really, really, deep cleaned the oven, ditto the glassware in the cabinet and several guests who have totally fettled and rearranged the cupboard under the sink and the cutlery drawer. (No idea why - there was nothing wrong with them).

Those are in addition to guests who leave the apartments in splendid shape. But I’ve never had one leave an apartment in the condition it was in when they arrived.

But I’m not complaining :slight_smile:


Just had to tell my two Dutch guests the same, literally 5mins ago! The mother started to tell me what she was going to clean tomorrow…


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OCDs in guests is great if you benefit. However it’s a double edged sword :wink: