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Full Time Holiday Let - Change of use/planning restrictions UK


Hello everyone! A little advice if you may, I’m looking to become an Airbnb host. I have a room in my house that I can rent out, which i have got my head around what’s involved with that.

My question lies with renting out a property full time via Airbnb. I have seen a studio apartment close to me that I think if bought it would make a great Airbnb. It’s in the roof space of a building but has its own access, ect. I have read a few thing online about restrictions for renting out a property full time for short term holiday lets. The property is based in Taunton, UK. What are the avenues that I need to check out to understand if it would be ok to use the studio apartment as a holiday let? It’s lease hold so i would need to check restrictions on the lease, but is there anything else local authority wise that could stop me renting it out for holidays? Would it be a change of use?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


I think I would speak to your local Tourist Info Bureau; failing that, the planning department in your local authority, Town or District Council with lead responsibility for change of use.


Only your local authority can answer that question @B.Park . Give them a call and find out whether you need to register it as a holiday let, what you might need to do in terms of fire regs, business rates etc.

I agree with Joan talk to your local TIC about how you can work with them to promote your place and any advice they can offer.


Thanks a lot for your advice both of you, great help. I will act on that and fingers crossed.


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