Front Door Locking

New to Air BNB. I would appreciate your help in sharing your experiences for front door locking systems. What works well? Digital or a key safe for guest check in and out?
Thank you.

Hello @gulens

This has been discussed on here quite a few times already, so probably worth using the search function.


Keypad locks are many hosts’ preference. No lost keys or duplicates floating around. Easy to change codes… and to prevent reentry.


Digital is much easier and depending on the product, you can also get notification if someone opens or locks it. Codes can also be changed often as well. No keys have to be lost or found. It gives a guest the option of a flexible self check in without having to carry around a key.
The only thing, is they do need some maintenance from time to time. If batteries run out or if there is an unlikely malfunction. However, those are rare and relatively easy to deal with.

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I find that the keypads I use (Kwikset) need new batteries every two years or so. I don’t know if other users find the same?

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The lockstate 6i and 5i will email or text you when the battery needs changing…


We use Schlage but ours aren’t smart, we have to manually change the codes. I don’t know how often we need to change the batteries but we change them once a year or so to be safe.


Thank you for all your feedback. We are putting a new door in and I thought it would be good to put a suitable lock at the same time.
Solidor door company uses Yale digital locks. Hope they will work well. Will keep you posted if you would like to know more about Yale digital locks.

How did your Yale digital lock work out? TIA