From 11/10 to wondering about next review

My last 3 guests have been late 20s/early 30s and so wonderful and heartwarming.
Recent 1 night stay - German and Polish couple visiting Florida and the absolute reason why I host. Here’s their private review, which matches their public (mine didn’t gush as much, but I adored them).

Private feedback:
Hi Host, Thank you very much for having us :slight_smile: your home is very cozy, clean and comfortable. It 100% covers all of the needs of the backpackers. But what made it so special was your company and the way you took care of us. Thank you once again! Keeping this short- it was the best place we stayed in so far :slight_smile: 11 out of 10 surely :slight_smile: Hugs, Guests

I teared up. Seriously.

Turned over for the next guest, a guest coming in to check on the new build in a nearby neighborhood. Arrives late (all good, great communication at that point), takes off early to meet new folks in the new community and is gone all day and night. No communication, which is fine because guest is a grownup. I go to bed around midnight and before I do, I turn on the light in the guest bedroom (had permission), and make sure the door keypad words with guest’s code. Windy night, stuff banging around outside so I’m up and down outside securing stuff and checking the property (garbage cans have a way of taking off down the street if the wind is from the North). Two am I hear more banging and I get up and now I’m concerned about the guest as I haven’t heard a word and I’m afraid they’ve gone to a super bowl party and are either lost or in trouble. Not to worry (ha!) just as I’m thinking the worst, the guest wanders in stinking drunk, swaying, and tells me they’ve been “driving around for hours because the door didn’t work earlier.” I am (pretend) horrified and say “Oh no! I wish you’d called and I would have opened it for you! I’m so sorry.” Guest says didn’t want to bother me, and wanders off to bed. I go to bed and think “this sucks, but at least they’re home in one piece and not in jail or worse.”

At this point I know guest is lying because I’ve been awake for the past 2 hours reading in my and grabbing stuff outside that’s getting banged around by the wind, so I’m doing laps of the yard and checking the front door.

The night before, I’d left the guest a note that I’d be gone until 0800 and I got them the creamer they wanted. The next morning, I come in earlier than expected and the guest is sneaking out the door!

Now before you think I’m stalking, I’m in the kitchen grabbing coffee and can see the front door. I wave, guest waves and practically bolts to the car.

I’m thinking I’m either going to get a crap review or no review and possibly get blamed for the “lock not working.” And I’m OK with that.

Oh well, at least the Young Europeans have been wonderful.

And no, I won’t review “guest was stinking drunk and lied to me” because that’s just silly. Unless they say “lock didn’t work until 0200” and then I’ll write something wildly passive aggressive and polite. :wink: jk


Maybe you’re overthinking this – and the guest was just embarrassed. I quote my wise family elder: “Don’t waste time worrying until there’s something to worry about.”


I’m with you on the paranoia - check for breakage…

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Thanks, she was staggeringly drunk and I worried.

@dpfromva yes she probably was embarrassed. It was epic.

I almost teared up for you! I have received amazing feedback like this a few times and I confess to having shed a tear or two. It’s just so heartwarming (1) to be such a blessing to other people and (2) to have all of your efforts truly appreciated.

Great job, @casailinglady! #ThisIsHowYouDoIt

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I’m so glad you’ve also received these reviews. It’s just so humbling! Thanks!