Fresh Roasted Coffee

Hi everyone,

Just a quick heads-up. I happen to be a coffee roaster (been doing it for 14 years). If you would like fresh roasted coffee for your home or stay, etc - please PM me.

USA only please (sorry - shipping is an issue).



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Before anyone flags this, Jefferson asked me if it would be alright to post and I told him that as a regular contributing member I thought it would be fine. No links are posted and anyone interested can message him.


I never object to established hosts offering a product which they think would be useful to other hosts. It’s the people who just join up to promote their personal businesses, with phone numbers and links, sometimes even lying about being a host (stupidly not realizing we can research whether they actually have a listing) that irritate me. On the CC forum, I’ll report those, but I don’t, for instance, report posts offering co-hosting services, as there are many hosts who post looking for co-hosts.

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