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French Translation & Advice Re:Taxes

Hi Everyone!

I had a booking request come in while away on a rare romantic weekend with my husband. She is a French speaker and does not seem to speak English at all.

I made a mistake and did not verify the sales & occupancy taxes with her. They are $35. It is mentioned in my listing that the taxes would be payable in cash at check-in.

Would someone be willing to write the message to her? I will just copy and paste. I could use google translate but that is so tedious - I have to write it, then translate it back to make sure it makes sense, then change my English so it will translate better, etc.

Dear Guest:

Hello - I hope you are well and enjoying the spring! We look forward to meeting you (and daughter) in July!

I’m reviewing my up-coming reservations and noticed that I neglected to verify the amount of occupancy taxes due at check-in. The rate is 13% so you will owe $35. You can pay with cash or via paypal. I apologize for not telling you in our earlier conversation. I was out of town with my husband on holiday and a bit distracted.

Thanks, (guest)

Hi DcMooney,

I hope it’s not too late, here is my translation.


J’espère que vous allez bien et profitez des premiers beaux jours.

En examinant mes prochaines réservations, je me suis aperçue que j’avais oublié de contrôler le montant de la taxe de séjour due à l’arrivée. Cette taxe est de 13%, soit 35$, que vous pouvez régler à votre convenance soit en espèces soit par PayPal. Je suis sincèrement désolée de ne pas vous en avoir informé plus tôt, étant en vacances j’étais quelque peu distraite !

Je vous remercie de votre compréhension.

Dans l’attente d’avoir le plaisir de vous accueillir vous et votre fille en juillet prochain,



It’s not to late! Merci, @Barthelemy!

@Barthelemy - thanks for that translation.

It seems there is some difficulty (she is here) in paying the tax. She is going to finish preparing for the day and then come upstairs to discuss it. She was saying something about ‘50’. Her daughter speaks some English but not enough.

If you are online would you please translate “This is the same tax you pay at any hotel. It is your tax that you owe. Wimdu does not collect the tax. I have to collect and submit the tax”

Or any French speaker that is handy… google translate is not helping.

It may be that she just doesn’t have the change…

Oh, dingity dang-dang… I typed the English in, after all the directions in English … but somehow did not post the translation…

“cette somme est une taxe de séjour à régler sur place, comme dans les hôtels. Cette somme est due à l’arrivée. Wimdu ne collecte pas la taxe, c’est à moi de le faire.”

If you want to add that you already told her about that tax back in may:
“je vous en avais informé par e-mail au mois de mai”.

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Yeah…but somehow, I didn’t - I don’t know what I did - I THOUGHT I did but looking through the messages I clearly did not. I see where I would have pasted the translation - but didn’t. So I’m not going to ask her to pay. I’m horrified that she arrived and then was asked for more money that she did not expect. Even if it’s tax she should pay or maybe even should have known, I’m not going to collect it. Lesson learned!

Thanks, though @Barthelemy! French is such a cool language. I would love to learn it but can not get anywhere close to the accent.

I apologized to them and told them not to pay. They were very nice about it. They are lovely guests. It’s almost like Wimdu guests have some kind of ‘excellent guest’ training. They are so quiet and respectful.

Thanks again!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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