Free tool to compare your occupancy rate with your neighbor's

This was posted on the Airbnb Hosts facebook group, but in case you missed it:

Ever wondered how occupied other hosts are in your neighbor for their Airbnb? How does your listing rank in the search results compared to your neighbors? Use this free tool!

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This is really cool, thanks for posting

This is very cool! I did run into a few bugs however. First it doesn’t work at all on Firefox. It didn’t even bring me to the sign up for an account page – it just went to an error code.

It does work on Safari. I put in my listing and the first one worked well, and showed me that I was 8th out of 20 listings for my city, I think. Then I put in my second listing and it showed me I was first on my street! This is not very useful as there are not any other listings on my street. I tried to change it in settings but the settings button doesn’t work. It just blinks and returns nothing (I thought it was a page refresh for a while). Then I tried to go back to my first listing results and it just keeps showing me my second listing. So it must have cookies that were not cleared or something. I didn’t see any tab or anything to find saved listings.

It must be a beta version and it looks potentially very useful (the occupancy and comparison to neighboring rates was excellent)! if the developers could work out these few bugs.

Thanks for sharing!

P.S. I am running a Mac on OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

Who created this great, obsessive tool?

I want to widen my search, since my neighbourhood is showing up so small.
Is that possible?
I do zoom out on the map, but nothing happens.

haha. I believe it was @tom2, right? :slightly_smiling:

Any ideas / suggestion please send them to! :slightly_smiling:

That should be coming in the next version :grinning:

That’s pretty neat. There was one particular place that had never been booked, however, that was showing 100% occupancy.

What good is this tool when it doesn’t display ones property’s 30 day average? I have see all my competitions’, but not mine.

Search-ranking is cool though. And I guess the forecasting of the coming 3 months average.

Problem - can anyone help? I’m running IE but have also tried with firefox and have the same issue: I can enter my code, which brings up my listing with a white box in front of my home’s profile photo. In that white box it lists my street, photo and asks me to “Confirm My Listing” – However, there is no scroll bar, no down bar and when I try to hit the down arrow on my keyboard nothing happens – Therefore, I can’t locate anyplace to even confirm my listing and therefore can’t get to any type of analytics page about my area. I am not on a phone. I’m working on a laptop.

Hi Claire, you might be zoomed in too much. On the Menu goto Menu -> Zoom out until you see the button!

When is the new update coming?
I really like this program, and I would be willing to pay for it. :wink:

@Bobas Thanks for the support! Expect to see something new within the next month! :slightly_smiling:

That’s awesome tom2! Thanks so much for making that for us!! It works fine in Chrome. Haven’t tried it in firefox yet.

I found great comfort seeing that our occupancy rate was significantly higher than those surrounding us in February (slowest month of the year).

One problem though - we rent out two separate rooms in the same apartment. When I pasted in the URL for the second room, it wouldn’t process it. It said “we were not able to process the Airbnb listing url… please make sure it’s correct.”

It is correct and I thought maybe because I just processed the other URL maybe that was causing it not to work?

The other thing is - I saw the other listing as a neighboring listing and when I looked at the occupancy rate there - it said it was 20% over the last 90 days. But it was actually more like 90%. So that number is way off for some reason.

Thanks for your good work on this!

When I login it says Processed 176 of 178, has been this way for a week plus now.

Is the page down @tom2 ?

Yes it was but it’s back up now thanks!