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Free Photographs - Deleting Some?

Hey fellow hosts,

I took advantage of the free photography recently, and the beautiful photos were just uploaded for my listings.

The thing is, the dude took a bajillion photos of my house overall, but people are just renting a room … and I’ve already had some issues with people rating me on my HOUSE - as in, MY spaces, rather than what they rent. I’m feeling a bit nervous about having so many pictures up of my overall house (even though they are lovely) because I feel it will just give the impression that I really want the guests to use all these spaces at will. (Which, I don’t, not really).

I mean… I say in the listing they may use them but that they are in use by the primary residents of the house, and to expect them to be shared and not always in perfect order.


I would first take down the photos of the areas in your home that you do not want guests to have access to. What I have done is to make small tags to put on doors of rooms I do not care to have guests enter. They simply say "private"and I have found the guests respect that. Most of us have rooms that are not always presentable for guests or that they need to see, for instance a home office that may have personal and financial information readily visible.

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I meant to say rooms that they don’t need to see.

I also had the photographer come - such nice pictures! But yeah, I deleted the pictures that do not apply: for example, I used to rent out my bedroom and sleep on the sofa while the guests were staying but now I’m reclaiming my room so I’ve deleted the bedroom pics - no need to show them something they don’t have access to!

Also bear in mind that AirBnB owns those pictures - they are not yours to distribute. Just an FYI :smile:

I put up little stickers that say “Not a part of Airbnb.” I also label where the plates, cups, silverware is, as well as, a shelf in the fridge for longer term guests. They really appreciated that.

Yes, delete any photos of spaces your guests can’t use. I rented an Airbnb and he had tons of great photos of the kitchen. Buried in the body of the description he mentioned the guest couldn’t use the kitchen. Remember once you delete them you can’t bring them back because Airbnb is who uploaded them… so, before they’re gone forever. Do a screen grab of them just for your records of your beautiful home. Yes, you don’t own those photos and Airbnb can use them in any of their marketing.

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Keep copies of the pics by taking screenshots. And remove all photos that are not part of your listing. It does the guest no good to see something they can’t use. Kinda false and misleading…

See that Ferrari in the driveway? Well it goes with the house, BUT YOU CAN’T USE IT! LOL. :slight_smile:

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