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FREE Online Class: How to Deal with a Difficult Airbnb Guest

You still have time to register-

WHEN: Today, Sunday, July 31st

TIME: 7:00PM Est

REGISTER HERE: http://tiny.cc/DifficultGuest2016

Join the FREE Online Class “Dealing with a Difficult Airbnb Guest” and learn how to deal with the non-ideal Airbnb guest without creating enemies, crying tears of frustration, or going to jail.

REGISTER HERE: http://tiny.cc/DifficultGuest2016

Let’s chat on how to handle those non-ideal guests in this online class, where I will discuss:

  • What do you do if your guest’s Airbnb profile has little insight and the inquiry sent is one word: “available?”

  • What to do when guests have stationed themselves in your living room and you work from home?

  • What if they’ve rubbed you the wrong way and now you have to see them every morning on the way to the bathroom?

You love your guests, but it’s ok to admit that sometimes you love to see them go!


Let’s get your Airbnb business to the next level.

REGISTER HERE: http://tiny.cc/DifficultGuest2016

Not an Airbnb Sponsored Event.

And your reason for offering this is???
We already do this here. Marketing idea anyone?


I have been doing free monthly classes since 2014. You already do what?

This is not an answer to my question as to motive, are you marketing something? Free is great, how much will it cost lol.
We already answer the questions a boy hosting that you state

If I remember right from the old Airbnb Groups, Evelyn is a long-standing and very experienced host who regularly does free webinars and also speaks at the Opens. She is not trying to market anything.

I watched one of your presentations, @Evelyn, from the Paris Open and you were funny and entertaining and gave great points for new hosts. Is there any way to see or listen to yesterday’s class?

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Yes, you can watch it here:


Rule number 1. Respond immediately to enquiries.

Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m trying to laugh over here.


Sorry, as I said, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

My so-called sense of humour gets the better of me sometimes :wink:

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And the nasty New Yorker in me wants to come out. But I’m keeping her in check. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Furthermore, I’m British and we are known to be evilly sarcastic :wink:

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Thank you for your reply, Evelyn, but I booked another blog as your response was so tardy.

Ha ha!! Thanks for the link, will check it out :slight_smile:

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I’m usually in my Facebook Group. But August’s class is about to come up

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