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Free Online Class Ask Your Airbnb Questions

Yes, it’s webinar time! The first Summer Webinar 2016 is here!

Six years of hosting on Airbnb, over 400 guests and tons of laundry. I want to share that knowledge with you. My first Summer Webinar 2016 will be to Your Questions and My Answers (Q&A) all about Airbnb.

Thursday, June 30th Class

Sometimes we have questions like:

  • What should I offer my guests for breakfast?

  • Do I have to allow them to use my kitchen?

  • Guests haggling for discounts. What do I do?

We will discuss whatever is on your hosting mind…. No question is off limits… Well, Don’t ask me about Brexit, Trump tweets, or Hillary’s emails…. ‘Cause I’m good but NOT that good.

Come join the first summer webinar Q & A! Yes, it’s time to get your questions answered!

Thursday, June 30th Class

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